Towards better government of the Channel ecosystem

The first step in the PEGASEAS project was to review outputs from the relevant INTERREG IVa projects (see projects )
and identify the key lessons related to the improvement of governance in the Channel ecosystem. The results were
compiled under six themes:

  • Marine Ecosystems Dynamics and Management
  • Management and Use of Information and Data
  • Pressure and Activity on the Marine Environment
  • Governance at Multiple Scales in the Channel
  • Partnerships
  • Communication and Stakeholders Involvement


For each of these themes, questions of particular relevance to good governance in the Channel were identified and
answered. Short PowerPoint presentations , which may be useful for general interest or education, on each of these
questions can be found at the following link:

A report presenting the complete analysis around each of the themes and a summary of each of the projects reviewed
can be found in the following link

The target audience for this document includes local, regional, national, cross-Channel marine governance practitioners
and policy-makers. Universities and research institutions may also find much of interest in the report.