Pathways for effective governance of the English Channel

This report is aimed at policy makers working in the marine and coastal environment.
It contains a breadth of issues from conservation and biodiversity, to marine planning
and shipping, relating specifically to the Channel area. Cross Channel themes are
synthesised for communication to a political audience (local, national and European),
linking INTERREG science to specific policy instruments.

It focuses on the following policy instruments:

  1. The Marine Strategy Framework Directive
  2.  The Maritime Spatial Planning Directive
  3.  The common Fisheries Policy

For each issue, consideration is given to current policy challenges, governance needs,
identification of potential knowledge gaps, and also, where relevant, the future
effects of climate change. Examples of effective practices are highlighted using a
case study approach, with links to tangible governance benefits. It is concluded with
proposals for the next steps for Channel Governance.

  PEGASEAS – Pathways for Effective Governance of the English Channel - Final Online Version  (PDF; 9MB)